CrossFit Colossus Presents | Summer Smack-Down


Entries Are Closed!


The time has come to release the WOD’s for this Sunday’s (much anticipated) “Outdoor Summer Smackdown”.

As you know this competition has always been putting participation and an all-in-all day of fun at the forefront. We believe these workouts will suit perfectly and be an effective and simple representation of broad skills and fitness.


10 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:

15 Goblet Squats, 24/16kg
20m Bear Crawl
45 Double Unders
20m Bear Crawl


For time:
80 metre Broad Jump
60 Cal Row
40 Single Arm DB Thrusters (20 each arm) – 20/10kg
20 Over-the-Rower Burpees
** 12 minute Time-Cap**


TBA (Everyone loves a surprise)


Complete as a relay for time:
Oval Baton Run
15 Burpees to plate (10kg – no clap required)


1 team member will be a designated “Runner”…

Team members 1, 2 & 3 will be “working” athletes, performing the following:

20 KB Goblet Lunges, Alternating Legs, 24/16kg
30 Cal Row
40 Air Squats

Athlete 1 will complete the chipper and ‘tag’ Athlete Runner, who will begin their first lap, upon completion tagging athlete 2, who will complete the chipper, continuing the same fashion until the “Runner” has completed their 3rd lap and all team members are on the “front” mat.


There it is boys and girls.
Practice what you are unfamiliar with, get it dialled and get ready for some fun in the sun.

If you have any final queries contact Jimmy or Nico via email.
Entries close tomorrow (Thursday 12th)



UPDATE 08-02-15

Smackdowners, we are one week out and getting excited to give you a great day of competition! The weather is looking to be on point at this stage so fingers crossed!

Below are lists of both Male and Female registered competitors. As you know we are competing as a team on the day also, requiring 2 males and 2 females per team. It would be great to see some more entrants to fill some gaps (and to make for a more badass atmosphere).


Registered Males

Todd Hurst 
Josh Sheehan
Trent Johnstone
Simeon Redman
Seh-Jing Foo 
Ben Bone 
Trey Westbury 
Henry French 
Jared Bleathman 
Matt Jones 
Jeremy Waterhouse 
Mark Steele 
Aaron Clauson 
Damien Bones 
Harry Glover
Khan Sandy 
Chris Hutchison
Mitchell Grueber
Shaun Leonard
Stefan Lendvay
Jon Minnebo
Mike Hunt
Gary Smith
James Thomas (CFWX)
Josh Roberts
Matt Heyward
Jase Stewart
Jadyn Stewart

Registered Females

Jennifer Carter
Katie Johnstne
Clarissa Hunter 
Danielle Berry 
Danielle Anstis 
Kimberley Dodge
Danielle Maui 
Belinda Raphael 
Kerri Hurst
Alli Dann 
Theresa Dilger 
Eleni Gallagher
Mil Heerey 
Krystle Ryder
Jo Sheppard

* This list will be updated as needed 🙂

We are leaving you guys to combine your teams for the day, and come up with a team name – remember these do not need to be affiliate related teams! Teams will need to be provided on the morning at the registration table.
If you are unable to make this happen, don’t stress, we will sort it all out next Sunday!

There will be an update Wednesday (on this page) with workout details for the day!

Thanks again legends! Rally your troops and get some more of our awesome community involved for this event!



UPDATE – 30/01/2015

With the Outdoor Smackdown a little over 2 weeks away we will be getting down to the finer details of the day to make it run as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

* Please be aware that the “Run the Bridge” is on the same morning – so those traveling from the Eastern Shore, allow an extra 10-15 minutes travel time just to be safe.

* Competition entries will be open until the Thursday before the comp (12th Feb.)

* An email will be sent to all competitors within the next 10 days relating to the team portion. As well as this a list of ALL currently registered competitors will be posted also on the Colossus Smackdown Post (this page) via the Website so as you can put your team of 2 Male/2 Females together. It would be awesome if they could be ready to roll on the morning… But don’t stress if this doesn’t happen – we will sort it out regardless!! 🙂

* Start time of the Smackdown will be 0830 for the first heat of event 1. Registration and heat allocation will be done from 0745 – 0815 with the athlete briefing being conducted prior to event 1. Please try to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start of event 1 to save any confusion with logistics.

Bulk Nutrients have kindly jumped on board and will be sponsoring the event. All individuals will receive a complimentary competitors pack. Prizes for individual and team winners will also be provided by them!

Finally a big thank you to all who have registered so far! For those who haven’t – get around this, it’s not too late and the more that are involved, the more fun the day will be. Vitamin D and exercise go hand-in-hand!!


Update: We have had a few athletes enquire thinking that they need to have a specific team when they enter. This is not the case! You enter as an individual and complete 3 individual events. You will then be grouped (2 males + 2 females) and perform 2 team workouts later on the day. Choosing teams on the day will be entirely up to you. We will be capping entries at a point so that everyone will be included in a team. Thank you.

On Sunday the 15th of February 2015, CrossFit Colossus will be bringing you an all outdoors “Summer Smackdown” set in lower Sandy Bay at Sandown Park. You will be fresh off the back of a romantic, love-filled Valentine’s Day and ready to work off those delicious heart shaped choccies.
As well as this, the 2015 CrossFit Open is only 3 months away, training is going to be at its peak and the taste of competitive spirit will be present.

All workouts on the day will be fun natured, challenging and of course – broad and inclusive for any level of CrossFitter with appropriate scaling to suit.

The Smackdown will consist of 3 Individual Events and 2 Team events that will test various skills and time domains.
The Teams will be made up of 2 female athletes and 2 male athletes….However…
We are putting the power in your hands to put together your team of athletes that can be formed from any affiliate in the state.
This is a great opportunity to throw down with some friends from other boxes and do something that has never been seen before in a broad scale competition format.

So, what happens now??

Entry for the Smackdown will be $15, which MUST be direct deposited to the following:

Account Name: CrossFit Colossus
BSB: 017 209
Account Number: 280 066 951

Entries will be capped at 80 athletes, 40 Female and 40 Male.
This is merely for quality control on the day and to give you the best experience possible.

Secured entry will be confirmed when you have emailed and deposited entry fee to the above details, it will be a first in-best dressed set up.

Once all athlete places have been confirmed a final list of entrants will be posted for you to merge and form your ‘Super Teams’ for the day.

Time and finer details will be released closer to the event and will be updated via this page.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to message us at one of the below email addresses:

More info will be posted to this page in due course.  0400 255 351 | Unit 1/10 Electra Place, Mornington, TAS, 7018

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